1. This machine adopts step motor to control high precision rotor pump to carry out metering and filling. The filling adjustment range is large, the filling quantity and filling speed are simple, and the trouble of slow filling and small filling range is overcome from the root. 

2. The filling nozzle is equipped with a special leak-proof device, filling without wire drawing, leakage phenomenon。

3. HMI, parameter setting, convenient and fast to call parameter group, plc programmable control。

5. Visual digital display by touch screen operation as long as set the proportional value input speed and single bottle milliliter number, can be directly filled, easy to operate, fast adjustment. 

6. With no bottle filling function, automatic constant liquid level system control automatic feeding to ensure the stability and accuracy of filling. Do not need to replace parts, you can quickly adjust various shapes and specifications of bottles, easy to adjust, can be completed in a short time.   

7. Humanized design, plc control system, man-machine friendly window dialogue, combined with frequency conversion speed regulation application linear adjustment, compact structure running smoothly; with fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance, high degree of automation.

8. Rotor pump type filling, easy to clean, save materials; and this machine program has the function of automatic easy cleaning, touch screen one-click operation can carry out cleaning, simple, convenient and fast 。

9. Adopt the world famous brand electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, reliable performance, long service life. 

10. High-quality sus304 stainless steel is mainly used, beautiful and generous. 

Automatic Double Head Rotor Pump Filling Machine


This series of automatic pump liquid / semi-fluid filling machine is a new product developed by our company to meet the market demand and introduce foreign advanced technology. The machine uses metering pump (rotor pump) to carry out filling, widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries of liquid / semi-fluid packaging. According to the actual production of the manufacturer, we can choose different filling head number and pump body specification, and can conveniently produce the same bottle machine, rotary cover machine and so on. 





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