1. This model is specially designed by our company for small-dose bottles. It is suitable for automatic bottle feeding and filling of liquid materials, automatic lowering of pump head caps, automatic bottle discharging, PLC control and automatic production.
2. Using high-precision piston pump for filling, PLC setting control and measurement, the setting of filling volume and number of bottles can be completed through the touch screen on the device. The filling adjustment range is large, the precision is high, and the operation is convenient; this system can automatically fill, automatically manage the lower cover of the pump head, and automatically rotate the cap. Convenient, easy to clean and replace key parts, saving time and effort.
3. The integrated design not only guarantees the accuracy and fastness of the filling and capping, but also has a small footprint and beautiful appearance, which fully meets GMP requirements. It is widely used for filling and capping of small bottles such as food, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, etc. This system is customized according to the customer's bottle type.

Fully Automatic Alcohol Liquid Spray Aerosol Filling Capping Machine

1.PLC control, piston pump quantitative filling, high filling accuracy.

2. Auto-sensing the lower pump head cap screw cap, the lower pump head cap screw cap has a high pass rate.

3. Automatic induction, the manipulator puts the pump head, the bottle breaking rate is low, the screw cap is reliable, and there is no looseness.

4. No bottles, no packaging and no capping, empty bottles automatically stop.

5. Automatic display counting function.

6. Simple structure, easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect and replace without pollution.

7. Because the materials are flammable and explosive products, the electrical box is partly explosion-proof. Note: This machine is explosion-proof with positive pressure wind. The positive-pressure air is used to vent the explosion-proof electrical box to the outside. The motor and related electrical appliances are flameproof. Explosion-proof electrical boxes are divided into two compartments or two to distinguish electrical and pneumatic areas.

8. Made of high-quality stainless steel 304, with a beautiful appearance, and the part in contact with the material is SUS316, which is stable and durable.





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